Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hat Pins

I collected a few hat pins and found a couple hat pin holders at the flea market. The rhinestone one was given to me by my very best friend, Bebe. Also added some old buttons to the base of one of the holders. And I'm still in my embroidery "mood" this week.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today I got the chance to meet Tammy fromhttp://www.t' . She is back in the states from Kuwait for a visit this summer. She is here with her two boys. We met in Geneva, Illinois and had some lunch and then headed straight to the yarn shop. We had a great visit and her boys (Yusef and Zack)were real sports about the two of us talking "blogland talk." It was so nice meeting her in person.
Thank you Tammy for the great visit.

Monday, June 28, 2010

My camera is back!!

Ben returned home from camping with my camera. He had it loaded with 843 photos from his trip to Oregon. So today I started taking a few pictures. This is a bell pull that I bought at a flea market. A lady from Wisconsin makes them from her collection of buttons etc. They are amazing, all hand sewn. Also took a picture of some of my old linens. Most are from my mother. One of the things she gave me was this linen/embroidered teaspoon case. Also one of her tea towels. I love to collect these. I will post more tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Working on Towels

Spent some time lately working on some homemade towels. I have been doing some embroidery on old linens and sewing them on fabric.
Sorting through buttons today from a jar I got for my birthday from my brother. There were some really cool ones. I always put the special ones in a different jar and then try to convince myself to use them.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Where I Create

This is my craft room where I love to spend my time. I love  knitting, crocheting, sewing, embroidery,scrapbook, clip art, paper crafting, beading, decoupage and mosaics. I love to cut, glue, paste, and paint . I collect ribbons ,lace, trims,old linens and dollies, buttons, beads, fabric, knitting needles and crochet hooks. I also love old sheet music, vintage clip art, and birds or anything with a bird on it. I love flea markets and garage sales. Mostly I love to learn any kind of new  craft! Thank you to Karen at My Desert Cottage for hosting a great party!! Sorry I couldn't add more photos. Being the good mom ,I gave my camera to my son who is camping in Portland, Oregon.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


My dad carved me this bird many years ago. I have several birds he made and will show more of them later.

These little guys called out to me when I was wandering through a shop in Sisters, Oregon.

A bird poster I found at a shop in St. Charles which is just up the road from me.

Vacation Finds

This a an adorable dish my sister, Paula, found for me. I'm always on the look for stuff with a bird. Anyway she ended up buying me this for my birthday, thank you Paula. Then I found I picture frame to add to my bird stuff collection. And this little bird was calling my name when I walked in that store. More birds to come.........

Monday, June 14, 2010


Today I learned how to count.....yesterday I couldn't. I was told to tell you 7 things about myself and I rambled on until it was 10 things.....I said I liked to talk. Hope everyone has a good week!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

An Award

I got an award this evening!!! Debbie over at sent me an award and I was told to tell you seven things about myself. So here they are
1) I have a lovely family of 13 wonderful people...I am blessed!
2) I have two golden retrievers, Jack and Osker, they will be three this month.
3) I love to learn new crafts.
4) I love to listen to music
5) I love to read.
6) As crazy as it is.......I love to clean.
7) I love to dance.
8) I love flea markets and garage sales.
9) I love fabric, buttons, ribbon, linens, clip art, rubber stamps, paper, plants, birds, knitting needles, crochet hooks, paper dolls, throw rugs, candles and last but not least....cosmetics!
10) I like to talk and meet new people.
 Thanks for the award Debbie!!
Check out my profile for the blogs that I follow.
My friend, Kathy, came over with a cool idea to make flowers. We bought organza  and cut circles out of the fabric,then burnt the edges with a voodoo (haha) candle. Finally stitched the circles together thru the center of the layers. Viola!!!

Portland, Oregon

Hello. I am back from a wonderful vacation in Oregon. Flew into Portland and drove down to Bend. I went with my husband, Jeff, and my five brothers and sisters to surpise my oldest sister for her birthday. She lives in a beautiful log home. We spent one day hiking up to Tumalo Falls. I am standing next to the ranger. He gave us a lot of useful information. I could take a hike like that every day.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Embroidery Stuff

So I got my thread and hoop out and started transferring some patterns on vintage linen. I will then sew them on towels for hopefully a vintage look. I had forgotten how much I like to stitch. I am off for a vacation this week and I plan on doing a craft on the plane. Maybe I could stitch something or better yet decoupage the seat in front of me!! That should occupy my mind and time since I don't like to fly. If any of you are ever on a plane and see a woman tied to her seat with white knuckles and blowing in a brown paper bag....that would be me. Talk with you next week.

Bird Nest in Glass Bell Jar

Bird Nest in Glass Bell Jar