Monday, October 3, 2011

New Orleans

Jeff and I spent several days in New Orleans. We flew down with a couple friends. One of those friends is from New Orleans. This was Jeff and my first time there. This was the lobby of the Hilton  where we stayed.

A speedy and friendly staff. This is Lecesa, she was hysterical.

The view from our room on the 19th floor. We rode the outside glass elevator up.

Rob, Richard, Jeff, and Ann's daughter, Amanda.

Dinner with friends and then a walk down Bourbon Street.

Teri, Jeff, me and Rob.

Ann, me and Teri out on a beautiful restaurant patio.

My first "beignet" at the cafe Du Monde.


Sightseeing  and walking through a "French Market' All that wonderful stuff and Jeff buys a banana....I love that guy!

Ann's brother's restaurant. She has a wonderful family and the food was delicious.

Ann, me and Teri

Amazing talent on the corners of the French Quarter. We also saw a bridal party stop and dance in the street.

Jeff and I in a beautiful courtyard of a hotel.

Fun Halloween decorations on balconies.

 We stepped into a few Hotel lobbies to see the decor.

Unfortunately the cemetery closed at noon. We were so hoping to walk through all those rows.

Me "dying" to get in there!

Trolley ride to the "Garden District"

Lots of beautiful homes.

Lots of jazz music too. Well and of course a drop of dark beer.

Teri and I ran into a good thing when we stopped by the New Orleans School of cooking. They had a cooking class the next day so we signed up.

Pat, our teacher, was so interesting. She not only was a great cook but gave us some history and geography to go along with it all.

We had "gumbo" and "jambalaya. Plus coconut/pineapple bread pudding and pralines. All slim healthy food for sure!

Guess what was right across the street from the Hilton? Right....Harrah's and I even won a little money to buy.........

We had a really good time and now back home doing laundry and vacuuming up dog hair. It was so nice to get away. Thanks Ann, Richard, Teri and Rob. Jeff and I had fun.


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Bird Nest in Glass Bell Jar

Bird Nest in Glass Bell Jar