Monday, May 21, 2012

Plants and more Plants

Monday is the day I water the plants.
This Monday there are triple the amount I had last week. I love ferns. Below picture shows "Foxtail, Button and Air Ferns."

I went to a very cool greenhouse and also to the "Gardenology Fair" this week-end in Geneva. Lots of tips on how to create,grow and maintain your plants and garden.

One of my favorite plant is the "Muehlenbeckia Complexa" or better known as the "Angel Vine." I really have good luck with these so I bought 10 of them.
Also love "African Violets."

Hubby stopped at a antique shop on the way home and bought me this table to help hold  some of my new plants.
Outside the plants are really beautiful thanks to such a warm spring.
Yes I started another crocheted rug. I work on it in between watering all these plants.

Monday, May 7, 2012

I have been in an "embroidery" mood.

All you have to do is iron on the print and start stitching.

I pulled out a project from the closet last week. I bought it several years ago and have been just looking at it. You cut strips of material and hook it through the holes with a long hook.

It looks really awesome. It is a very slow process though and I hope to be done within a few years!! For real!

This crock and angel vine were my Kane County Flea Market finds last Saturday. Hope everyone has a good week.

Bird Nest in Glass Bell Jar

Bird Nest in Glass Bell Jar