Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Playing with fire, estate sales, crocheting rugs

Bought a wooden egg, actually I bought a half dozen.

Found some old music sheets.

Found matches, lit candle.

Burnt the edges of the sheet music. Yes I also burnt the tips of my  fingers several times. However ,the house is still standing.

Got the "Mod Podge" out and glued the paper on the egg.

Ta da....

Ok I'm going to do a few more...when the blisters heal.

Found this awesome quilt at an estate sale. All of it is hand-stitched.

I also have been working on two more rugs for a couple of grandchildren. Have a great week.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sabino Canyon Tucson Arizona

Spent the week with my sister, Paula and husband Gerry. We went to the "Gem Show" one day . The best was hiking the Sabino Canyon. It is 8 miles into the canyon. Lots of very awesome plants, trees, critters etc. I am so happy when I am hiking! Wish I could go everyday. Thanks Paula and Gerry for a great time.

I think I heard a rattlesnake under this rock.....jk!

Jeff and I taking a break.

Who wants to fish?

Jeff.....keep up!

Bird Nest in Glass Bell Jar

Bird Nest in Glass Bell Jar